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Marvel Studios Bringing Mutants to the MCU

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Marvel Studios is currently developing a feature film that will be titled The Mutants and will be based on the X-Men characters.

Fans of the MCU will know that Phase Four will see the biggest expansion in the franchise’s history. If things go as planned, 2021 will see five more series and four feature length movies after this week’s highly anticipated WandaVision season finale.

While we expect a similar amount of content to arrive in 2022, the future of the MCU after that is a little less certain. We have projects like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 which is scheduled for release in 2023 along with the Fantastic Four reboot.

It has now been reported by The Illuminerdi, that Marvel Studios are planning a feature-length movie based solely on Mutants, in particular the X-Men. The project is expected to be led by Marvel Studios boss, Kevin Feige and is intended as a reboot of the X-Men franchise and will simply be titled, The Mutants.

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So far, the only confirmed Mutant in the MCU will be Ryan Reynolds’, Deadpool, whose third film is still early in development. There is very little information being revealed so we do not know in what capacity these characters will arrive.

As we hear more on any developments with this, we will of course let you know. In the meantime let us know which X-Men you would like to see. Do you want the usual big-screen characters like Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine? Or would you prefer to go a little more obscure like Dazzler or Bishop? Let us know your thoughts is the comments.

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