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Loki Season 2 Filming Date Confirmed

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A Production Weekly issue, seemingly confirms the second season of Loki, despite us not having seen a single episode yet of the first season. On the list of hundreds of titles was “Loki 02” under the working title “Architect”.

For those who are not familiar, Production Weekly is an online newsletter. It provides working professionals with “the most comprehensive production breakdowns available” according to its website. In other words, a reference guide for those looking to work in the TV and movie industry.

As stated the list is rather large and includes many titles including The Mandalorian, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Flash among others. The season is in some form of pre-production and slated to start filming in January of 2022. With the current Coronavirus pandemic, there may be some delays. At least there is some time between now and then to get things moving.

What we know so far

Rumours of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki returning for a second series have been rumbling since May, after comments made by Clark Gregg in an interview with Variety:

I’d be lying if I didn’t say boy, that would really be interesting to start the experiment over. Doing 10 episodes or 12 episodes the way Tom Hiddleston told me he was doing on Loki with that kind of budget and that Marvel Cinematic production team.

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The comments are interesting because the way Disney+ are planning the episodes will not be like other series. A traditional series would have 20+ episodes while streaming series will typically have between 8 and 12 episodes a season. From what we know, Disney+ is planning 6 episodes per season so the above 10-12 hints at 2 seasons.

While not much is known of the show, there a few things that have been confirmed. We will see the Time Variance Authority along with Owen Wilson and Richard E. Grant in unconfirmed roles.

The first season is set to stream sometime in 2021 and as we hear more, we will as always keep you updated.

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