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Leaked Promo Art Reveals New Look at Eternals

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This week should have seen the release of Marvel Studio’s Eternals movie. Instead, Covid-19 happened earlier this year and suspended any big-screen releases until May 2021, pushing the release date for Eternals to 5th November 2021.

Rather than getting into cinemas to see the movie, this week brings us some semblance of news in the form of new promo art revealing a look at all the characters. These images come to us courtesy of Eternals news on Twitter.

It is nice to get an actual look at the character designs and while having a very Asgardian feel they do look cool. Richard Madden’s character Ikaris is front and centre and we get a nice look at Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo.

While not much is known regarding the plot, we haven’t even had a trailer there have been previous leaks that give hints at the movie’s villain. There are also several fan theories like the appearance of Thanos.

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Credit for the header image to MCU Portal.

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