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Kevin Feige Confirms There Will be Second Seasons for Certain Disney+ Shows.

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WandaVision isn’t the only series Disney+ has in store for us as Marvel has more shows all lined up and waiting to hit our screens. It is unknown whether any of these series will have multiple seasons or are ‘one off’ shows. However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has offered a comment regarding follow-up plans for their Disney+ characters, confirming second seasons are on the table. Unfortunately, he didn’t provide specific details.

With only one show having premiered so far it is difficult to foresee which shows will need to tell one-off stories or not. Disney has seen great success with The Mandalorian, so it is inevitable that they will want to see the same success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hollywood Reporter’s, Aaron Couch has revealed in a tweet that Kevin Feige has confirmed that some shows will have a second series, but didn’t share details of which ones.

Some upcoming shows have been described as ‘event series’ implying they are only intended for one season, whereas others seem like they could run for multiple years. It could be a while before any shows are considered for renewal as Marvel already has a lot to be thinking about, with weekly content being planned for the next couple of years. This will make it harder for any other release dates for the near future.

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The most likely shows to see follow-ups, however, are the ones that will introduce brand-new characters to the Marvel universe like Ms. MarvelMoon KnightShe-Hulk, and Ironheart. That being said there have been rumours that Loki has already got a second season planned.

While we wait for more news, don’t miss out on the penultimate episode of WandaVision this Friday.

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