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WandaVision episode 4 made a move away from the sitcom-style and gave us a look at the world outside. We were also reintroduced to Agent Jimmy Woo, who is exploring the strange goings-on in Westview. To stay on top of his information and theories he logs everything on a whiteboard. And that is what we’re going to take a look at today. What is on Jimmy Woo’s Whiteboard?

I do have to forewarn readers that there will be spoilers ahead. So if you have not seen the episode yet I suggest you do so. (I don’t know why you haven’t yet anyway…) Also, some of these points will cross over with our recent article on the Easter Eggs we found in Episode 4.

This episode starts to lift the curtain on what’s really happening in Westview and also what information S.W.O.R.D. has gathered. The information started to be pieced together after Darcy, who we met during Thor’s first two solo films, discovered the energy field is comprised of, “cosmic microwave background radiation,” or CMBR. This allowed her to use an old CRT TV to view the sitcom that was being played out within the energy field.

While this is all playing out, Jimmy Woo is making notes and keeping track on his Whiteboard. So what exactly is on the Whiteboard?

What S.W.O.R.D. Knows so Far

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According to Woo, there are three things they know for certain. Firstly they know that everyone who lives with a 5-mile radius of Westview has some form of amnesia and they have no recollection of the town. When Monica Rambeau first meets Woo, he is with two local law enforcers who say the town doesn’t exist, even though it is literally behind them.

The second is that energy signature and cosmic radiation have been triangulated on Westview itself meaning they are only required to monitor one place. This links into the third thing which is a little unclear to see on the board, “Origin Location Unknown”, which means they are yet to identify the source. Although this may have been revealed when Monica mouthed the words “It’s all Wanda”.

What S.W.O.R.D. Doesn’t Know

For this Jimmy wrote four questions on the board.

1. Why Hexagonal shape?

This is in reference to the fact the energy shield around the town is in a Hexagonal shape. Possibly the limits of Wanda’s control over the town of Westview.

2. Why Sitcoms?

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The agents of S.W.O.R.D. are still unsure why they are watching two Avengers play out the lead roles in a sitcom. Is it all just a way for Wanda to deal with the loss of Vision or is there something, or someone, more sinister involved?

3. Same time and space?

Considering Wanda’s powers, this is a valid question. With the current sitcoms we have seen being played out through the 50s, 60s and 70s, it begs the question, is the inside of the energy field, the same time as the outside? Or is it even in the same space?

4. Is Vision alive?

Probably the biggest question on most people’s mind after a particular scene in this episode. They would be aware that Vision died at the battle of Wakanda so how does he appear to be alive and well here?

Attempts to Contact Wanda

Jimmy also list the attempts made to contact Wanda. These include sending in drones, telephone communication, the accidental assimilation of Monica and also the Beekeeper (and we are still wondering what happened to him).

Who’s Behind This?

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Another question on the board is who is behind the strangeness going on in Westview. On the board, Woo theorizes that it could be extraterrestrials maybe even Skrulls. We see this board before Monica says “it’s all Wanda” but there is still a possibility that it is not Wanda who is in control…

Other Questions

At the bottom of the board are several other questions. Are the townsfolk awake and aware of what’s happening? Is there an audience watching? And what is the purpose of the commercials?

The answers to these questions will become clearer over the coming episodes. While you wait for this Friday’s episode, why not check out the mid-season trailer that Disney recently dropped.

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  1. I really liked reading these points I found them very interesting! I do believe Wanda is in control but maybe is being manipulated in some way if that makes sense. I also have an idea that maybe Monica knows more than she is letting on but that’s just an idea for now.

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