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Jeremy Renner Teases Ronin’s Return in Hawkeye

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Fans of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame will no doubt remember seeing Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton take up the mantle of Ronin. Following Thanos’s snap that wiped away half of all life, Barton lost his wife and his children. The next time we saw him, he’d armed himself with a katana and was dicing up various members of a criminal organisation. It was only when he old friend, Natasha Romanoff, told him that there was a chance to bring his family back that he put down the sword and joined the remaining members of the Avengers.

It has previously been revealed by Kevin Feige that the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye will explore Clint Barton’s time as Ronin. Yesterday, Jeremy Renner shared an image on his Instagram story of himself donning the black and gold Ronin costume. The image was captioned “Back when…” You can check out the picture below:

It’s unclear if the image was taken on the set of Hawkeye or if it is an older image from back when the star was filming Avengers: Endgame. The fact that Hawkeye is currently still filming in Atlanta, however, suggests that it could be new.

How Hawkeye will explore Barton’s time as Ronin remains to be seen. It will tie in nicely to another character appearing in the show, however, as Alaqua Cox’s Echo also held the Ronin title for a spell in the Marvel comics.

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Hawkeye will release on Disney+ later this year.

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