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Report: Jennifer Lawrence Cast in Fantastic Four Movie

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It is being reported that Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men) has been cast in the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four movie.

The Daily Telegraph states that Jennifer Lawrence is expected to arrive in Australia ahead of pre-production on the project. The source claims that Marvel Studios plans to “bed down” in Australia “for the foreseeable future as there is nowhere in the world where films can be shot, in the way they can be here in Australia.”

Now, this is a bit of a surprise and we do need to advise that you take this “news” with a pinch of salt. The only details we currently have of the project is that it will be directed by Jon Watts, who is currently hard at work in Atlanta directing Spider-Man 3.

The report states that Lawrence will arrive in a month to start production in the coming weeks. This doesn’t leave much time for everything else to come together as there is currently a two week quarantine period when entering Australia.

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Whether this turns out to be true or not we will certainly keep you updated. And if you want to stay updated on this story and more news and rumours in the MCU, why not sign up for our newsletter?

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  1. I Think Clive Owen as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic & Rebecca Ferguson
    as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman In MCU Fantastic Four

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