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Is Black Widow Coming to Disney+

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Back in March when the delays to phase 4 hit there were rumours that Black Widow would hit the Disney+ streaming service. It was believed that Disney was going to launch a premium tier service similar to ESPN+. When Marvel announced that Black Widow would hit cinemas in October/November these rumours were written off. Well, thanks to Jeremy Conrad over at MCU Cosmic it appears there may be more to that initial rumour than first thought.

Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, announced during their 3rd quarter earnings call, that they will be launching the live-action version of Mulan on the streaming service. It will land on September 4th for an additional cost of $29.99.

Chapek was asked if this would be an indication as to what may happen with future releases like Black Widow. The answer was that they see this as a “one-off” but were interested to see what happens with the $30 price and would learn from Mulan. This may mean that if Mulan does well then this is how we could all be watching Black Widow in November.

It does seem unlikely that they would be setting up this service just for the one release but we will keep you updated as we hear more on this.

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