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Iron Man – No Hilary Swank?

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So with the previous comments regarding Hilary Swank being signed on for Iron man, I like many, was excited to see what her role would have been. Introduction as the Black widow or even She-Hulk?

Well, after seeing the theatrical release of Iron Man, which was fantastic by the way, I kept my eyes peeled and was looking for the “small role” that had been confirmed, Hilary Swank was to play. I even stayed through the credits, which was not a waste of time as the scene in the credits left me wanting more Marvel cinema time. Still no sign of Swank…

So I thought maybe her role was so small it actually got cut from the final release or was I missing something. Her name didn’t appear in the credits so what has happened.

Well, Avi Arad, Former Head of Marvel, who was the one who mentioned the signing initially has confirmed the following;

It got into the internet and, you know, especially with MTV. These rumors are starting. There were cameos that were real, and we were trying to move [the media] away from the real.

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So it seems Hilary Swank was never going to appear in the movie anyway. Does this mean that Marvel is starting there own rumours just to hide who will actually be in any upcoming releases?

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