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Insomniac Games Reveal More Details for Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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Once the PlayStation 5 reveal event ended last week, there was no shortage of uncertainty about what kind of game the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be. To help clear up some of the confusion, Brian Horton, Creative Director at Insomniac Games, shared some new details with the PlayStation Blog.

In terms of the plot, Horton revealed that the game will take place a year after the events of 2018’s Spider-Man on PS4. The game will be set just before the Christmas break and will see Marvel’s New York City blanketed in snow. With Miles now living in Harlem, a war between an energy company and a high-tech criminal organisation will put him in the heart of the battle.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Focusing on Miles’ multicultural background, Spider-Man: Miles Morales will reflect a more modern and diverse world. The game will also include “a new story, with new set-pieces, fresh villains, and unique quests.”

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be standalone game, but won’t be as large in scale as the previous release, with Horton describing it as “more akin to a game like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in terms of overall scope.”

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Releasing on the PS5, Spider-Man: Miles Morales will unsurprisingly aim to make the most of the console’s additional power. The game will show-off “near-instant loading, ray-tracing, 3D audio and the DualSense controller.” Insomniac has also been hard at work upgrading character models with 4D scans and improving skin shading and hair for more realistic character design. The team have also updated many of New York City’s assets to take advantage of the the new PS5.

As you experience Miles’s story, you’ll see, hear, and feel things in a whole new way, all thanks to PS5.

You can watch the newly released Spider-Man: Miles Morales recap trailer below:

Lastly, Horton also promised that we’ll still see more of Peter Parker in the future:

Many of you fans have wondered if Peter Parker is OK. Don’t worry, we still have much of Peter’s story left to tell. But this game is all about Miles, a critical part of our Spider-Man universe, and you won’t want to miss what happens.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will release this holiday on the PlayStation 5.

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