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Inhumans to be Re-cast and Rebooted in MCU

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The series, Marvel’s Inhumans, was a disappointment with both viewers and critics alike. But despite that, it has a varied ensemble that has appealed to readers for years. Many fans have expressed an interest in the team joining the MCU proper and it seems we have some hope of this happening.

This latest comes from Mikey Sutton at Geekosity, who claims Marvel Studios are interested in the Inhumans, but in particular the group’s leader Black Bolt.

Sutton states that following on from the groundwork done in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D the studio are planning on bringing Black Bolt and the rest of his royal family into the MCU. And not only will they reboot the team but completely re-cast them.

It is currently unknown where they plan to bring the team into the MCU, but a good way to touch on the Inhumans will be in Ms Marvel. Kamala Khan is of Inhuman heritage in the comics so would be a great way for them to touch on the heritage of the Inhumans.

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Sutton does state though, that the long term goal for Marvel Studios may be to bring them into the Fantastic Four franchise which is launching in the upcoming phases.

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