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Hulk 2 or Not Hulk 2?

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Not much is currently known regarding the upcoming Hulk movie so any news is of interest. The one we have currently heard comes from SuperHeroHype.com, stating that director Louis Leterrier states The Incredible Hulk will not be a sequel.

It is probably prudent to take this news with a grain of salt as this comes from the sites reader who heard this on French television.

From SuperHeroHype.com, courtesy of their source, ‘Fred’:

“Louis Leterrier talked about Hulk 2 last night on French TV Show “la grande émission”. He mentioned a 120 $ budget and said it won’t be a sequel (that’s the scoop I guess). He’s looking for a bookish glass-wearing type for Banner, no mention of Eric Bana.”

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We currently have no news of who will play the Angry Green Giant or what the plot may be, but at least if the above is true we know this is not a follow up to 2003 Eric Bana version.

Who will play the Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk is tentatively scheduled for release in 2008.

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