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Huge List of MCU Phase 4 and 5 Leaks Revealed Online

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We have recently come across something that could be huge for the upcoming phases of the MCU. Please note these “Leaks” come from an anonymous user on 4Chan who claims to have info from people inside Marvel. Some of the information they revealed has either already been confirmed or is heavily rumoured, while some of this is absolutely out of the blue. With that said, we will leave it up to you how much of this, if any, you choose to believe.

The post begins with what can only be described as the poster’s disclaimer. The user states that they are lucky enough to know some great people and that they are not going to give away any BIG plot spoilers. I do have to note that if any of this is true then the below will contain spoilers, but nothing that can be seen to ruin any of the upcoming projects. We will break down what the user states will be happening with each project and then give our thoughts below.

Either trust me or don’t. I really could care less. I’ve been lucky to know some pretty great people. I’m not going to spoil big big stuff like who dies and other MAJOR plot points but will give some smaller plot points and expectations of each of the projects along with what some status of filming is atm. I’m only going to share stuff they I know to be true or very likely. Also Yes I’ve heard about pretty much every project. That’s how great my guys are. A lot of stuff here you may have heard elsewhere or have been heavily rumored but here you go.


  • I was told it would be 9 x 40-minute episodes. (This seems incorrect as of episode 5)
  • Features Aaron Taylor Johnson as QuickSilver for 2 episodes. I was told one will be a flashback scene and another where he is a neighbour to Wanda. I was told he is still dead. (He appeared in flashbacks but not had an appearance yet)
  • Expect a lot of cameos regarding sitcom legends like Debra Jo Rupp in the first trailer.
  • A few more surprise cameos regarding characters on the scale of a Darcy or Jimmy Woo.
  • Has a small dance number and a magic show. (We have seen the magic show)
  • Monica Rambeau has a surprisingly prominent role and she gets her powers sometime in the show. (Not got her powers as of episode 5 but is a major character)
  • Each episode is split going between SWORD stuff outside the bubble and Westview Wanda stuff.
  • Hulkling has a small role with SWORD here and sets up Young Avengers with Wiccan and Speed.
  • I was told that Vision will not show up again past this show.
  • Evan Peters will be only in 1-2 episodes as a big villain in this. Not sure who. My guess is from what I have heard either Mephisto or Nightmare. I’ve heard that they may even combine the characters. (Evan Peters has arrived but his true role is not revealed)
  • Doctor Strange appears sometime in the final episode.

Our Thoughts

Most of the above has already either been confirmed or rumoured for a while. The most interesting mention above is the appearance of Hulkling. This is something a lot of fans may want to happen but there has been nothing to indicate this to date. Evan Peters has been mentioned a few times and his involvement was all but confirmed, although his role had never been revealed. In terms of Dr Strange, it was almost certain he would show up at some point in the series as it was he, who brought Wanda out of her “Nightmare” is the comic book version of this storyline.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • 6 hour-long episodes.
  • Will be the show with the most logistical pieces of the post-snap world.
  • Sharon and Bucky will have a romantic spark.
  • Bucky and Sam each have their own villain they deal with. Sam is dealing with John Walker (US AGENT) and his group including Lamar Hoskins. Bucky is dealing with Zemo.
  • Zemo is more of a side antagonist and even an anti-hero/villain.
  • The main villain of the show isn’t in the show a lot but it’s Flag-Smasher. Erin Kellyman’s character is Songbird and she works for Flag-Smasher.
  • Thunderbolt Ross will appear throughout this.
  • More familiar faces will return in small-minor roles.
  • Will feature Sam’s family
  • There are so many surprises in store in this series regarding a certain type of human and a virus…
  • NO Old Man Steve Rodgers Cameo tho it was a very real possibility at one point in time.

Our Thoughts

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Again most of this is already known or been heavily rumoured, but some of the more interesting points here are the romantic relationship between Sharon Carter and Bucky Barnes. The other thing to note is the mention of “a certain type of human and a virus”. My thoughts on this are that this is in relation to Mutants. We know the series will introduce Madripoor, a city that many Wolverine and X-Men fans will be familiar with.

Black Widow

Black Widow

Our Thoughts

The user is essentially claiming to have seen Black Widow. Now we know there are people who have seen this already, and there are points that are being stated here that line-up with what we have already heard. What is interesting, however, is that they state that Black Widow will stream on Disney+. The other point is that Ross will appear again attempting to put together the Thunderbolts.


  • 8 episodes long (40-50 minutes each)
  • Marvel have plans to do a 2nd season and possibly a 3rd with the 2nd shooting early 2022.
  • This will tie somewhat into DS2 but Loki won’t be in that movie or in Thor 4.
  • Features a lot of Rick and Morty type of elements…
  • One of the most stand-alone things in the MCU.
  • Kang’s MCU debut is in 1 episode.
  • Features some familiar faces in some cool places.
  • A certain cosmic being is who the TVA work for.
  • All I’ll say is the episode in the 70s will be one of the best episodes on TV next year.
  • Sophia Di Martino as Lady Loki will be a fan favourite.

Our Thoughts

As is the case with many of these “leaks”, most of the info has been confirmed or at least heavily rumoured. We have known for a while that the TVA will be involved and have theorised that Kang will make an appearance. The familiar faces we will see will most likely be characters we have seen over the years but in another timeline (almost a What if…? moment).

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings
  • Includes the most hand to hand combat in any MCU film.
  • People have been sleeping on Tony Leung as the Mandarin.
  • It will feature 1-2 cameos of familiar faces within the MCU.
  • This is NOT set during the snap.
  • A tournament featuring many different familiar “beings” will be the main 2nd act of the movie.
  • Fin Fang Foom will appear.
  • The film will only require small amounts of reshoots.

Our Thoughts

The main point we took from this was the appearance of Fin Fang Foom. This character has already been seen in the MCU (Tower of Champions in Sakaar), so it is going to be interesting to see how they work in the character’s story. It says there will also be 1-2 cameo appearances. The first we think will be Mordo from Dr Strange but are unsure of who the second might be. The mention of familiar “beings” is again a possible mention of Mutants as there as rumours we will possibly see Omega Red in this movie.


  • I heard to most recent cut of the movie is 2 hours 19 minutes.
  • Kit Harrington as Black Knight and Gemma Chan as Sersi are the best couple in the MCU.
  • Ties into Thanos’ origin.
  • It’s the most beautifully shot and looking MCU film.
  • Will span thousands of years.
  • A character in this is getting a spinoff Disney Plus show.
  • Kro is the villain.
  • Ikaris and Sersi are the ones who bring the team all back together.
  • The Eternals have been sitting in the background for the entirety of the MCU and some cool stuff will be revealed in their involvement in previous movie events like Avengers 1, Black Panther, Thor 2 and Endgame.
  • Thena and Gilgamesh are the odd ones out of the group due to something that occurred in Babylon.
  • Sprite is sort of an anti-hero, has her own agenda.
  • Barry Keoghan as Druig is a huge get IMO.
  • Celestials will have a great presence and scenes in this.
  • This movie will have 2 weeks of reshoots and additional filming sometime in late February.

Our Thoughts

There were a lot of points mentioned on this, and again some of these have already been confirmed, such as the reveal of the villain Kro. The nice thing to see is how it will at least reveal that the Eternals have been around during the previous phases of the MCU. The appearance of Celestials was almost guaranteed, but the biggest news for me is that one character from this movie is getting a spin-off show on Disney+. Exactly which character this will be is still unclear.

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 sneak peek
  • I Expect this to be a VERY long movie from what I was told.
  • It is Spider-Man Homeworlds.
  • It apparently has the most dark and gritty moments in a Spider-Man movie.
  • Picks up right where we left off.
  • Bounty put on Spidey’s head.
  • This ties into Wandavision. Won’t spoil the link.
  • Doctor Strange is in the movie for only 8-12 minutes. 2 or 3 scenes really. Cumberbatch was on set for 2 weeks and all his stuff is done from what I understand.
  • Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox will show up. I wasn’t told if he will be in the DareDevil costume or if he will be Peter’s Lawyer or maybe both. All I was told is that he has a small role in this. If I had to guess. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Wasn’t told that but that’s my guess.
  • Kraven is the main villain. Scorpion is the secondary villain played by Michael Mando from the end of Homecoming.
  • I have not heard who will play Kraven tho I heard a bunch of A list names being floated.
  • JJ is sort of another villain as he has these Spider-Slayer bots chase Peter though the city. Btw plenty of JK Simmons as JJ in this.
  • The multiverse brings in Electro played by Foxx, this isn’t the exact same one from TASM 2 but will have a new look that is more along the lines of a combo of Spectacular Spider-Man and Spider-Man PS4. I was told he was the 2nd biggest villain after Kraven. Foxx hasn’t shot his stuff yet.
  • Alfred Molina is back as Otto Octavius and has a new look but is just one new scene and a fight scene. His stuff is already done and in the can. One of the first things they shot.
  • Thomas Haden Church is a very brief cameo as Sandman literally 40 seconds from what I was told.
  • Keaton’s Vulture comes into play later in the film where more is revealed. They somewhat struggled to get him into this due to him being busy personally and also being a big part of the Flash movie, as Batman. From what I was told he will do his scenes and then go right into filming Flash.
  • Mysterio is revealed to be alive and working under Osborne.
  • Willem Dafoe will be the MCU’s, Norman Osborne. He has a great new look. I was very surprised they went this route, but if he didn’t already play him in the Raimi movies oh my god it’s perfect. From that perspective it’s great.
  • Maguire will have about 10-15 minutes total. Garfield will have a bit more than Maguire probably more like 20 minutes. I think fans of each will enjoy what they get. Tom and Andrew are apparently amazing on screen together. Maguire signed on a few days before shooting started. He hasn’t shot all of his stuff yet.
  • Dunst and Emma Stone are very brief cameos at the end of the film.
  • These Spidermen aren’t the exact same versions in their movies. You’ll see what I mean but it doesn’t take anything away.
  • Hardy Venom makes a 5-second cameo. Feige is very against it happening btw.
  • Both Marvel and Sony have found their Miles Morales. I don’t know for sure if he is in this movie (I doubt it) but will appear sometime soon due to being cast. Was gonna put this further down but because it has a possibility to be in this I’ll put it here. If I had to guess it’d be a post-credits scene.

Our Thoughts

In terms of rumours, Spider-Man 3 seems to be the one that has had the most. Plot and character rumours have been bouncing around for over a year now. At this point, it seems like everyone is going to make a cameo. The rumour of Jamie Foxx appearing was revealed to be correct, so who knows if some of the others will too.

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This is where we start to see some contradictions, however. The poster states that Kraven will be the main villain and Scorpion will be the secondary Villain. They then state further down that Electro will be the biggest villain after Kraven.

The mention of so many of the Sony Spider-Men characters having such small roles leans heavily into the multiverse theory, so I think this is the route that the studio is taking.

The biggest point here for me was that Mysterio is alive… Firstly, I would consider this a huge spoiler but secondly, it is also surprising that he is working for Norman Osborne. Unless he has been recruited after Far From Home, then I just don’t get why he would be. His performance in Far From Home never once suggested he working for somebody else.

Ms. Marvel

  • Coming September 2021.
  • 8 episodes.
  • Will be a starting point for introducing the Inhumans into the MCU Proper.
  • Captain Marvel will be in 1 of the later episodes.
  • This was apparently their most broad and difficult casting yet and They think Iman will be a huge star and they found the next big thing.
  • Features Kamala in Highschool.
  • Will feature a lot of Avengers merch throughout.
  • Will have some great fan fiction sequences in animation.
  • Really leans into teen comedy and some coming of age.
  • Filming will be done in February.

Our Thoughts

This is again nothing new and no big leaks here. We were all under the impression that Captain Marvel would make an appearance and the feel of the series would be more of a teen comedy so we don’t have too much to say on this.


Kate Bishop Hawkeye
  • If I had to guess this will be out in mid to late November.
  • 8 hour-long Episodes.
  • Will be the last appearance of Clint Barton in the MCU.
  • Clint will lose his hearing and is what makes him set out to find Kate.
  • Pulls Heavily from Fraction Run (essentially is a direct adaptation in many regards).
  • Clown will be the main antagonist.
  • One villain hasn’t been named yet.
  • Swordsman is only in flashbacks.
  • Features track suit mafia and Echo.
  • Yelena will have a decent role here.
  • More Ronin action from his time during the snap.
  • Half of the early episodes will be more Clint as the main character and the other later half will be more Kate Bishop.
  • Fiege and Marvel are in love with the script and Hailee as Kate Bishop. (I would bet this will be the best series).

Our Thoughts

Again, there isn’t too much that has not already been mentioned before. We would have wanted more story on Clint’s time as Ronin and it appears this is what we are going to get.


She-Hulk S01E01
  • Is expected to arrive first quarter of 2022.
  • Will be 10 30-40 minute episodes majority of them directed by Corio.
  • They are open for this to be multiple seasons.
  • All of the cases that Jennifer Walters deals with are Super Hero based.
  • Some familiar faces are even on trial and represented by Jennifer Walters.
  • Has a lot of random appearances of characters.
  • Hulk/Banner will be a supporting character in the show appearing in 3-4 of the episodes.
  • Titania is a villain.
  • The Leader and Abomination return.
  • Plan on a Rematch of Hulk vs Abomination.
  • Thunderbolt Ross has a sizable role in this.

Our Thoughts

Some interesting points here. First is that they are already open to doing multiple seasons, which means they have high expectations for the show. The other is that ALL of the cases will be based around superheroes. The appearance of Thunderbolt Ross is not a surprise as he or his “team” seem to be showing up in quite a few things which really looks like it is gearing up for a Thunderbolts series or movie. The other one that I find interesting is the rematch between Hulk and Abomination. If this is true I just hope it doesn’t detract from the main storyline.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Derrickson left because of not wanting to include America Chavez and wanted more horror than Marvel would allow and wanted more villains than Marvel wanted. Other than America Chavez being there and the amount of total horror it will be pretty similar to what Derrickson would have made.
  • There is a fair amount of horror sequences which is what really excited Raimi and brought him aboard.
  • Sam Raimi given pretty much full creative control on a lot of the aspects of the movie.
  • There will be a LOT of multiverse cameos that I don’t want to ruin cause they are great.
  • Clea and Drumm will be secondary supporting characters along with Xochitl Gomez as Miss America.
  • They wanted Charlize Theron to be Clea but she passed on the role.
  • I have been told they are cast but I have no clue who is played.
  • Evan Peters’ character from Wandavison will be one of the villains.
  • Scarlet Witch Will be the 2nd lead.
  • Mordo is in the film but he only is in the first 20-25 minutes.
  • Bruce Campbell will of course cameo.
  • Sets up Evil Interdimensional beings like Dormmamu joining forces with one another.
  • There will be 2-3 jaw dropping terrifying but exciting action sequences. One includes the group having to fight Zombie version of the Avengers including Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Vision, Falcon.
  • There is one great small cross over scene.
  • This will utilize the Volume Stage Craft used in the Mandolorian.
  • They have been shooting for a little under 2 months. Majority of it so far has been the beginning of the movie. I was told that they haven’t shot anything with Xochtil Gomez yet.

Our Thoughts

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So there is a lot of interesting points here. We knew this would have a horror element and that it would be heavily featured but Marvel Zombies… Yeah if this is true I’m not complaining. There has been a lot of talk as to who Evan Peters is playing in WandaVision, so his appearance here for me just opens up even more questions. Whether they get answered we will wait and see. Using Volume Stage Craft was only a matter of time after the success they had with the Mandalorian so not really a surprise here.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Hearing Taika has out done himself with this one.
  • Really appears to be a Rom Com like Taika said.
  • Is expected to be a VERY long movie.
  • Features Jane’s cancer storyline from the comics.
  • Valkyrie has a sub plot regarding a love interest in the character Director Brand of SWORD.
  • Earth based SWORD is involved a decent amount in the movie
  • They go to just about every realm.
  • All of the Guardians besides Gamora appear and They are in the beginning and the end of the movie.
  • Korg has a bigger role.
  • Sif will be back in a small role.
  • Beta Rey Bill is in the movie and their voice actor choice is perfect.
  • Small Hulk cameo in the beginning.
  • Will also utilize Stage Craft.
  • Will shoot in January down in Australia and also do some filming in Vancouver.

Our Thoughts

Much of this has already been confirmed or at least confirmed in peoples minds. The big one for me here is the introduction of the fan favourite character, Beta Ray Bill. This will hopefully be either gearing the character up for the following Thor movie or he will play a substantial role as I would hate to see such an amazing character go to waste.

Black Panther 2

Black Panther 2
  • They kept the 2nd one under wraps very well prior to Chadwick’s passing. From what I can tell they aren’t changing to much in terms of the villains and the story. Obviously they are replacing T’challa so there is some restructuring and shuffling around in that regard.
  • Coogler was very adamant from the beginning to not recast T’Challa. Feige’s plan was to do recast from the start though it was controversial among the inner circles. They started talking about what to do with the sequel in early October. They discussed Shuri taking over the mantle along with M’Baku and Nakia and even having two characters be black panther. They even considered doing a prequel at one point.
  • Apparently Marvel was going to bump off the film a bit to maybe have clearer heads prevail and continue on with T’Challa but they didn’t want to lose Coogler.
  • Marvel had decided that they were going to allow to have Coogler have M’Baku or Shuri Black Panther. At one point Coogler decided that it would he would take M’baku but he had been pushing to want to go a different and more unique and original direction from the beginning. He brought it up again before it was too late to go back and Feige agreed. Since November he has been retooling the script and making this new character.
  • So… Shuri and M’Baku will NOT be Black Panther but both will be the main supporting characters in the film.
  • T’Challa will not die. I was told he his basically written out. Don’t know in what way or what it means.
  • The Black Panther mantle will be dawned by an original character created by Coogler. He will be the lead of the film and will be King and Black Panther moving forward. He was describe to me as a strong, quiet, powerful but also broken young man with a very unique back story. I was told he was a member of the Miner or River tribe. Apparently a relative of Nakia. Marvel isn’t letting out there plans for this until the last second.
  • Okoye and Nakia will have a smaller roles than before. They were probably the 3rd and 4th biggest characters arguably in the first movie so having Shuri and M’Baku get more to do moves them down the pecking order a bit.
  • Doctor Doom is a smaller secondary villain (The actor is still in talks but I think fans will love him)
  • Namor is the main villain and will be played by Tenoch Heurta.
  • Instead of Atlantis it will be called Lemuria (Deviants under water city from the comics).
  • I was told it is essentially a 3 way War between Wakanda, Latveria and Lemuria.
  • Martin Freeman will return as Agent Ross.

Our Thoughts

There isn’t much to say on this that hasn’t already been said regarding the tragic and untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman. There is obviously a very difficult decision to be made in regards to the direction they want to go with the character of T’Challa so I will not comment on what the studio is planning or not planning to do. One thing that is interesting and exciting is that we will see Namor and Doctor Doom. I am surprised it has taken so long for Namor to enter the MCU so this is something I am very much looking forward to, if it is true.

Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2
  • Marvel feels very confident in the direction they are going with Carol Danvers.
  • Apparently has more of a team up film feel.
  • Monica Rambeau as Spectrum has a big supporting role.
  • Ms. Marvel will have a small role.
  • Warmachine plays a decent role.
  • Carrol and Rhodey romance.
  • Fury and Hill will return alongside with Talos and his wife.
  • Features the Nova Corps and another Space empire.
  • Jude Law is returning.
  • Sets up the Ultimates.

Our Thoughts

Personally, I hope the romance between Rhodey and Carol doesn’t happen. I just don’t feel they have had enough time on screen together to have developed enough of a connection for a romance. One thing I am looking forward to, however, if this is correct, would be the Nova Corps. This would be a great way to introduce Richard Rider and set up a Nova movie or series. Also setting up the Ultimates will almost be like creating a new Avengers team, so it will interesting to see who the line-up would be for this.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania
  • Will come out February 2023.
  • Described to me as a family road trip to the Quantum Realm while also having an Oceans Eleven type feel to it.
  • This will explore all of the Quantum Realm and answer a lot of unanswered questions.
  • Kang played by Johnathan Majors will have a decent role but will not be the main antagonist this time around but Marvel has HUGE plans for him. (Yes they absolutely nailed this casting).
  • Ant Man mentors Cassie as Stature.
  • The Young Avengers are featured in the movie. (Hulkling, Ironheart, Wiccan, Speed, Ms. Marvel, Miss America, Kate Bishop, Stature).
  • They recasted Emma Furhmann due to wanting a bigger name and they felt Newton was more talented. Also Emma is in college so maybe that had something to do with it as well.

Our thoughts

Agree completely regarding Jonathan Majors, he is a huge talent and a great addition to the MCU. The casting has been news for a while now, so nothing new here really except that we will see the Young Avengers appear. I would imagine that by this point the bulk of this team would have been introduced, but to have the whole team together will be great.


Overall a lot of the “leaks” have already either been announced or rumoured for a while, but there are some pieces of information here that, if they are true, are really exciting. There is mention of characters that fans, like me, have been clamouring to see introduced into the fold. It also gives a great outline as to the direction the studio is going in regards to introducing new teams like the Young Avengers and the Ultimates, while also introducing more Anti-Hero characters. There are mentions of some of the other projects which we have omitted here as there is either very little information about what is happening or there is nothing new.

A lot of this, however, could be absolute fantasy and just be one person wanting to get some of their own theories out there. Either way, the only way we will know for certain is by waiting to see what news comes out in the following months and years.

What do you think on this list of “Leaks”?

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