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Hawkeye Set Photos Reveal Hailee Steinfeld with Bow and Arrow

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The upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye is currently filming in Atlanta, with Jeremy Renner reprising his role as Clint Barton. Since the series was announced, Hailee Steinfeld was a favourite amongst fans to play the role of Kate Bishop. Late last year, multiple reports suggested that the Bumblee actor had signed up for the role. With no confirmation from Marvel Studios at the time, Steinfeld’s casting was revealed when a leaked set video showed her alongside Jeremy Renner.

Since then, we’ve seen multiple set photos of Steinfeld, including a first look at her in the iconic Kate Bishop costume. In late December, Steinfeld revealed her excitement at being given the opportunity to play the “badass” character in the MCU.

New set photos revealed today by Just Jared show Steinfeld in the purple Kate Bishop costume, whilst wielding a bow and arrow. The images, which are shot in front of a blue screen, were taken during the night at the series’ set in Atlanta.

Images of Jeremy Renner looking up at whatever Kate Bishop is doing on the rooftop with a slack-jawed expression were also released:

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A video of the pair walking through any alleyway at night has also been captured and shared by Twitter fan account XRealm Matthews.

In a recent interview, Steinfeld confirmed that she has signed a multi-project deal with Marvel Studios to play Kate Bishop in the MCU. With Marvel almost certainly beginning to build up towards the appearance on the Young Avengers, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a lot more from the character in the years to come.

Hawkeye is currently set to release on Disney+ later this year.

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