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Hawkeye Has a New Working Title

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The upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye was originally scheduled to begin production in a few months time. Unfortunately, that date has been pushed back due to the Coronavirus outbreak, with no announcement yet as to when filming will begin. Whilst updates are scarce for the show, a new report has revealed that it has a new working title.

The report comes via Murphy’s Multiverse, who has revealed that the working title for Hawkeye is Anchor Point.

As indicated by Charles Murphy in his report, the Anchor Point reference could come from a couple of places. In general archery terms, the anchor point is the place on an archer’s face where the hand or string should touch when the bow is at full draw.

Most likely, however, the title could be a reference to the first volume of Kelly Thompson’s Hawkeye series from 2016, which featured the first six books bundled together.

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In Thompson’s Hawkeye series, Kate Bishop is a freelance private investigator. The role of Kate Bishop in the Disney+ series hasn’t been cast yet, however, it’s rumoured that Marvel is keen to bring Hailee Steinfeld on board to play the Young Avenger.

With Kevin Feige previously stating that the upcoming series will explore Jeremy Renner’s time as Hawkeye’s alter-ego Ronin, a Kate Bishop led investigation might be the perfect way for the pair to meet for the first time.

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