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Has Hailee Steinfeld Teased Her Casting as Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop?

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Rumours that actor Hailee Steinfeld has signed onto play Kate Bishop in the MCU are nothing new. In July, multiple sources stated that she was “99%” confirmed to play Kate Bishop in Disney+’s Hawkeye series. More recently, more sources revealed that the actor had appeared on a casting grid and now appears on the IMDB page for the show.

With filming for the series now underway, we still don’t have an official announcement from Marvel Studios on who will be playing the role. A recent Instagram post from the star has people more convinced than ever that Hailee Steinfeld will appear as Kate Bishop.

The post features a drawing of the Sagittarius star sign sporting a purple headband — a look that Kate Bishop is well known for. The accompanying text says: “see u in ✨11✨ days, 24. 🏹.”

You can see the post below:

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There could, of course, be a simple explanation for the post. Steinfeld’s 24th birthday is on December 11th, which make her star sign Sagittarius. In astrology, the sign is symbolised by an archer.

MCU fans online see the inclusion of the bow and arrow emoji as more proof that Steinfeld will be joining up with Jeremy Renner for filming in the near future.

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