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Harry Styles Rumoured For Secret MCU Role

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Harry Styles is known for his singing skills as a member of the boy band One Direction. He has dipped his toe into the world of acting with a small role in the critically acclaimed Dunkirk. He also has an upcoming role in Olivia Wilde’s, Don’t Worry Darling. But it now appears that he has a part in an upcoming MCU movie.

Keep in mind this information has not been confirmed so as yet is just a rumour.

In a recent (now deleted) tweet from Justin Kroll, it is revealed that Styles will be making his first acting appearance since Dunkirk, in the upcoming Don’t Worry Darling. That is until Kris Tapley points out “Second if you don’t count the Marvel movie no-one knows he’s in.”

There a few projects on the cards that Harry Styles could feature in but the most likely is Eternals. The rumours going around are currently slating Styles to be taking on the role of Eros of Titan, AKA Starfox. Starfox is the brother of Thanos. Unlike Thanos who has the Deviant Gene, Starfox is an eternal, and therefore on of the good guys. He is charming and witty with an ability to control people’s emotions.

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We have recently looked at the character of Starfox and how he could enter the MCU, along with who could play him. Styles’ name was not one on the list but he would be a great fit for the role.

We will keep an eye on this info and keep you updated as we hear more.

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