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Fury Files Coming to Disney Plus on May 15th

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With the Coronavirus pandemic causing production delays to all of the scheduled MCU Phase 4 live-action TV series and big-screen releases, fans may have been left wondering when their next Marvel fix would be available. Thankfully, they won’t have too long to wait as Marvel has announced that the Fury Files will release on Disney Plus next week.

Using a mixture of “animation and motion comic art”, viewers will be given an in-depth look at a selection of key Marvel heroes and villains through the eyes of Nick Fury. Each episode will focus on a different character, with Fury revealing intel from top-secret S.H.I.E.L.D. files.

You shouldn’t be surprised that Nick Fury has files on every single Marvel Super Hero. Fury Files gives viewers top-secret access to S.H.I.E.L.D. intel on key Marvel heroes and villains. All of this is told by none other than the mysterious Fury, bringing together a mix of animation and motion comic art! Looking to download a bunch of information about every single hero? Fury’s got you covered.

You may think that the Fury Files sounds like some hastily thrown together series to help add some content to Disney’s streaming platform, but that isn’t the case. The series was originally shown back in 2012 on Disney XD.

You can watch the full trailer detailing all the content arriving on Disney Plus during May, including Fury Files and season two of Marvel’s Future Avengers, below:

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The Fury Files arrives on Disney Plus on May 15th.

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