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Finn Jones Encouraged Hailee Steinfeld to Take Hawkeye Role

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Fans may be split on how good of a job Finn Jones did in his role as the titular character, Iron Fist in the Netflix show. But it appears we have him to thank that we will get to see Hailee Steinfeld take on the role of Kate Bishop in the upcoming Disney+ show, Hawkeye.

Iron Fist was met with mixed reviews when it landed on Netflix. Despite the fans mixed views, Finn Jones featured as Danny Rand (Iron Fist) for the show’s two seasons and also reprised his role for The Defenders.

Last year, Jones joined the cast for the Apple TV+ series Dickinson where he starred alongside Hailee Steinfeld who played the legendary poetess, Emily Dickinson. It was around this time that Marvel Studios was courting Steinfeld for the role of Kate Bishop, who soon turned to Jones for advice.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Jones revealed how he had nothing but good things to say about his time working under Marvel and how he encouraged her to take the role.

I was just like, ‘Do it, definitely. Be a part of the Marvel world. It’s such a wonderful thing to say that you’ve been a part of. Marvel takes care of their actors so well. It’s a universe that is so well-loved by so many people.’ Just the experience as an actor to play a superhero is such a wonderfully challenging and rewarding experience. I was just like, ‘Hailee, do it. Do it, and you won’t regret it.’ And now she’s doing it.

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Well, it’s safe to say that fans are thankful for the advice and that we will get to see Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. Filming on Hawkeye started last December and will see Steinfeld star alongside Jeremy Renner who will be reprising his role of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. And like the rest of us, Jones seems just as excited as we are at the prospect.

It’s wonderful to see that she’s now in that world. I think she’s going to be fantastic. I can’t wait to see her as Hawkeye. I think it’s wonderful casting, and I hope she goes on to have her own series and her own movie franchise because she deserves it. She’s such an amazing performer – and a great contribution to the Marvel Universe.

Hawkeye will premiere later this year on Disney+. As yet there are no plot details revealed but as soon as we hear something we will be sure to let you know.

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