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Final Cast Additions for The Incredible Hulk?

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As the Ensemble for The Incredible Hulk grows we now have 2 more cool additions.

The first comes in the form of Oscar-winner William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman, A History of Violence), who it looks like will be playing General “Thunderbolt” Ross, the father of Betty Ross who will be played by Liv Tyler.

The second addition to the cast could be even better.

Tim Blake Nelson, who you will recognize from Minority Report and O’ Brother Where Art Thou, is playing a scientist known as Samuel Sterns. For those who follow the comics, you will know him as the gamma-irradiated mega-genius with a giant head known as “The Leader”.

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This could shape up to be one of the best Superhero movies for a long time.

Filming has started and The Incredible Hulk is expected to release in Summer of Next Year.

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