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Filming Update For Guardians of the Galaxy 3

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was given a huge setback after director James Gunn was fired and rehired. His return was delayed further when he took on the task to direct the DC reboot of The Suicide Squad. Having spent the last few years completing the movie, Gunn has now returned to Marvel and has his sights set on the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Well not until he has finished with the Peacemaker spin-off movie starring John Cena.

While these delays have certainly shifted around where the film will fit into the MCU release schedule, fans are still excited for the release.

The stars of the franchise are currently working on Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, but we now have an update on when the next Guardians film will start production.

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, production will head to the U.K and will begin filming in the latter half of the year. The original movie was filmed in the U.K but the sequel was moved to Atlanta. The only confirmation we have on the release date is that it will release in 2023. We can assume we will get another May release date like the previous movies.

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We also have no confirmed plot details but Gunn has said this will the final iteration with the current lineup and will setup 10-20 years of cosmic stories in the MCU.

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