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Fans Want To See Jack Black in the MCU

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Yes, this one is as crazy as it sounds. Jack Black is currently trending on Twitter and fans seemingly want to see the legendary funny man enter the MCU.

Twitter user Kayla Ancrum accidentally started the trend when she made a comment that Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt in anything he had been in.

The above tweet was followed up with Kayla saying:

“And yes I am including the roles where [Chris] is ripped. Black can do flips at his current weight I’m sure he could have played Star-Lord.”

This has caused quite a stir on Twitter and led to many fans imagining what it would have been like to have had Jack Black replace Chris Pratt in many scenes. One fan even stated that Jack Black would have made an excellent Wolverine.

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Eventually, Jack got in on the action himself and posted a video of himself dancing around and performing, dressed up as Spider-Man.

Personally, I’m all for this. Jack would make a fantastic addition to the current MCU lineup. He is known for his comic capability but also has the acting chops to pull of a serious tone when required.

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