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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4 Easter Eggs

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Disney+ has dropped the fourth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and with it, fans have been treated to the usual Easter eggs and callbacks we have come to expect from the MCU.

Please note the following article will contain spoilers, so if you have not yet seen episode 4, we suggest you watch it before reading on.

The fourth episode brought the focus off the temporary alliance between Bucky, Sam and Zemo and looked at the broader scope of what’s going on. We got a closer look at the dynamic of the Flag Smashers and the new Captain America got more screen time.

Let’s take a look at the Easter eggs, callbacks and key details that we spotted in “The Whole World is Watching”.

Bucky’s Deprogramming

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The episode picks up exactly where we left off in episode 3. Bucky speaks to Ayo who gives him the ultimatum of handing over Zemo in eight hours.

This is followed by a flashback to Bucky’s time in Wakanda where he has the Winter Soldier programming reversed by the Dora Milaje. The interesting thing here is that it isn’t just any member of the Dora Milaje who is overseeing the rehabilitation, but Ayo herself. The scene is filled with further flashbacks of Bucky’s time as the Winter Soldier and has an emotional end.

Patch Act

After the terrorists attack from the Flag Smashers last week, it is revealed that the GRC is clamping down and instigating the ‘Patch Act’. This is a nice nod to the comics and a reference to a character that fans were hoping to see in Madripoor last week. Patch was the alter ego of Wolverine when he was operating in Madripoor in the comics.

Captain America Was My Hero

During the scene where the Flag Smashers are retrieving the remaining serum, Nico mentions to Karli that Captain America was his hero as a child and he believes Karli could be the next one to take up the mantle. At first, this could be a way of putting the idea of Karli taking up the mantle of an alternate Captain America, Nomad, but feels more of a foreshadowing for the final scene of the episode.

The Serum is Gone

In the comics, John Walker gains his powers before taking up the mantle of Captain America. He gains them through the use of the Power Broker’s serum. During this episode we see Zemo destroying the vials after Karli drops them. Zemo is interrupted by Walker who manages to stop him before he has destroyed the last one which Walker pockets. Later in the episode, it appear Walker has taken the serum giving him his Super Soldier powers.

Dora Milaje

After Bucky’s time runs out we see Ayo come for Zemo. The scene breaks down into a fight with John Walker and Battlestar being handed their proverbial asses. The Dora Milaje prove their worth as fighters easily brushing aside both Walker and Hoskins along with Wilson and Bucky when they eventually join the fight.

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The fight finishes with 2 interesting points. The first is when Zemo slips away and Ayo tells her fellow Dora Milaje to leave the shield that had been taken from Walker. The other was a comment from Walker that the Dora Milaje aren’t even Super Soldiers…

John Walker Loses It

The final act of the episode is a large battle between the Flag Smashers, Captain America and Battlestar who are eventually joined by Bucky and Wilson. During this fight, Karli launches Battlestar into a concrete pillar killing him. Karli and the rest of the Flag Smashers take the opportunity to escape while John Walker chases them down. He catches up to Nico and publicly executes him in the street. Could this be the moment we lose Captain America and gain U.S. Agent or Super Patriot?

While this isn’t a definitive list of every Easter egg and callback in this episode, these are the ones that stood out to us the most. Tune in to Disney+ next Friday for episode 5 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the meantime let us know what your favourite moment of episode 4 was.

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