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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Actor Compares Her Star Wars Character

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The most recent project is finally in full action during phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taking place after Avengers: Endgame, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has reunited two much-loved characters, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, for a thrill-seeking adventure. The main storyline following the legacy of Captain America’s shield.

In the first episode of the show, they managed to catch viewers up with the personal lives of the two characters, showing them both struggling to make amends with family members and victims of the past.

In the second episode we saw the duo team up as a pair of heroes for the first time since Endgame and we see their reactions to the all-new Captain America.

So far it seems that the Flag-Smashers are the main villains of the show. However, a comment from one of the cast members makes us think twice about this…

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Actress Erin Kellyman who plays the leader of the Flag-Smashers, Karli Morgenthau, has sat down with USA Today to chat about the Marvel series with one of the discussions being around the topic of the villainous group’s motivation.

Erin opened up by praising the way Marvel tell a story, admitting that the studio “does a great job” at creating stories that are able to “mean something”. She also revealed that she “agrees” with the fight of the Flag-Smashers and pointed out that Karli’s fight is ultimately about equality and that the “Blip” made things “better” and gave “more hope” for the world.

Marvel does a great job of making all of their stories mean something still to society. I agree with the Flag Smashers’ fight. I don’t necessarily agree with the way that they’re doing it, but it’s all very important and I think people need to try and relate it back to the world that we live in today.”

The actress who also played the Star Wars character Enfys Nest described both of her characters as ones who have “a lot of layers” but their fights are “pure”. To keep you updated, Kellyman was in Solo: A Star Wars Story opposite Han Solo played by Alden Heinrich’s. Her character was originally seen as villainous but was later known as a resistance fighter against crime syndicates.

Her comments mirror when the head scribe, Malcolm Spellman, teased the idea that the group is not villainous at all. It looks like the masked members may turn out to be good guys after all and the fact they are misunderstood is their driving force to fight back. It remains to be seen if Sam and Bucky will realise the true intentions of the group. Kellymans comparison of the two characters is interesting and could hint that a similar reveal could take place.

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