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Eternals Movie Gets a New Logo and Slight Name Change

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Marvel Studios’ Eternals movie was set to release this November but was delayed to next February due to Coronavirus. Despite the fact that the movie is set to release in six months, we still don’t know much about the exciting new addition to the MCU. Plot details are being kept a closely guarded secret, and we still await a trailer.

New updates today, however, suggest that Marvel Studios may be gearing up to begin a marketing push for the Eternals. Firstly, Comicbook.com revealed that Marvel Studios has officially dropped “The” from the movie’s title. The change might not seem like a big thing, but it does clear up some confusion. Marvel.com refers to the movie as The Eternals in multiple places, but logos have only ever shown the word Eternals.

In another change, Marvel Studios has today officially unveiled a new logo for the Eternals on the film’s movie page on Marvel.com. The new logo was revealed alongside a new countdown timer that is ticking down to the release in February.

The update isn’t a large one. As you can see from the comparison images below, the only change is that the font is now bolder in order to stand out more.

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The change in name and logo are only small, but hopefully it hints that we may be about to finally see a trailer for the movie.

Eternals is set to release on February 12th, 2021.

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