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Eternals Merchandise Gives Best Look at Villain Yet

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Merchandise for the upcoming Marvel movie Eternals appears to give us the best look at the Deviants and Celestials to date.

Merchandise has arrived on Kohl’s website that shows off the Celestials and Deviants, in particular the movies villain Kro. The villain Kro was previously revealed during another merchandise leak but this give a better look at what we may expect to see in the movie.

We also get a look at one the Celestials in another shot. The Celestials were first revealed to us when we saw Eson the Searcher in Guardians of the Galaxy. In this case we see Arishem the Judge.

Arishem the Judge has the power to decide whether planets should be allowed to exist or not. So it goes to reason he could be a major threat for the Eternals. The Celestials were also responsible for creating both the Eternals and The Deviants, so it will be safe to assume they will be very powerful in the movie.

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Eternals Director ChloΓ© Zhao has also said Eternals could go “further and bigger” than Avengers: Endgame, so we can expect something on a huge, cosmic scale when the movie releases November 5, 2021.

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