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Doctor Doom to Debut Sooner Than Expected

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We have had various reports coming in that Marvel Studios have plans to introduce Doctor Doom into the MCU, but he will not debut in Fantastic Four and we will see him much sooner than expected.

This latest report has also been corroborated by Charles Murphy and Fandomwire, who state Marvel Studios will debut Doctor Doom in Black Panther 2. The Latverian Villain Victor Von Doom has been a central villain throughout the Fantastic Four comics and has appeared in all the Fantastic Four live-action movies to date. Apparently, however, Kevin Feige wants to mix it up when it comes to his introduction into the MCU.

If what we are hearing is correct then Victor Von Doom will be the main villain in Black Panther 2 and will take part in a three-way war between Latveria, Wakanda and also Namor’s Atlantis (which may be renamed). We are also being told that he will not only appear as Victor but we will get to see him in full Doctor Doom armour.

Kevin Feige wants to apparently build the character up across several projects and has him lined up as the next Thanos Level threat. While he will debut in Black Panther 2, he will eventually meet up with the Fantastic Four but that is not planned until much further down the line.

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There has not been any news of who Marvel plan to cast as Doctor Doom but as we hear more on this will, of course, let you know.

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