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Disney+ Confirms WandaVision Will Release in 2020

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There have been conflicting reports in recent months regarding the release date for WandaVision. With production paused in March due to COVID-19, rumours suggested that that the series would miss its December release date. Thankfully, the streaming platform’s Twitter account has confirmed that WandaVision will release this year.

The first update comes via a trailer on Twitter. The video gives us a short glimpse of the shows that will arrive on Disney+ this year. You can see the WandaVision teaser at 52 seconds in the video below:

This was followed by another Tweet containing an image. The image shows all of the titles that will launch on Disney+ in September, October and November. There’s no mention of WandaVision, which leads us to believe that the series will launch in December as originally planned.

The confirmation should come as a relief to MCU fans that have been eagerly awaiting more content since last year. With WandaVision‘s release in December and Black Widow releasing in November, it will be an exciting end to 2020.

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One notable omission is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series was originally scheduled to be Marvel Studios’ debut series on Disney+. However, it now appears that we’ll have to wait until next year to see Sam and Bucky in action again.

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