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Daniel Brühl Reveals What Baron Zemo Has Been Doing Since Captain America: Civil War

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere later this week on Disney+. Recently, director Kari Skolgland revealed where the series will sit in the MCU timeline, and how past events have helped to shape the show’s story.

The series will see the return of fan favourites Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes and will explore their dynamic as “coworkers” across six action-packed episodes. In addition to Falcon and Winter Soldier, the series will also see the return of Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter and the villainous Baron Zemo played by Daniel Brühl.

Zemo’s return has been teased multiple times in the build-up to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s release. We’ve seen him in multiple trailers, and the character also features prominently on the series’ key art. The former Sokovian Colonel was also featured in an episode of Marvel Studios: Legends.

One question on the mind of many fans is: What has Zemo has been up to since we last saw him in Captain America: Civil War? As a reminder, Zemo was imprisoned in the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre at the end of the film by Everett Ross.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Daniel Brühl was asked what Baron Zemo has been doing since we last saw him. The actor teased that he’d spent a lot time reading, but was still “up to no good.”

He’s had a lot of time in that prison cell to read a lot, to think a lot. So, you can be sure that he’s up to no good.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner, Malcolm Spellman, added to the conversation, stating that the six episodes allowed them to really dig into the character’s motives.

Think about what Zemo’s been through and what motivates him. Now imagine you have six episodes to dig and allow him to feel the way a person would feel if someone had destroyed his country and his family.

Brühl also revealed that the first time he saw Zemo’s iconic purple mask was a “very special, exciting moment” for him. He saw the mask for the first time when he was filming season two of The Alienist in 2019. Spellman flew from Canada to meet the actor and brought a mysterious suitcase with him.

That was a very special, exciting moment for me. We would see Zemo now finally in that iconic outfit.

Zemo was already one of the more interesting MCU villains. It’s clear from Spellman’s comments that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s six episodes will delve deeper into his back story and motivations. Spellman promised that Zemo’s line about superheroes not being allowed to exist in a previous trailer is “not a fleeting line.” Brühl added:

It is true that Zemo in the past, and possibly also in the present, is strictly against super-soldiers, because he has seen the danger that this can cause. That is why he has lost his whole family in the Sokovian war. This is something that bothers Zemo and makes him think a lot.

It’s unclear if Zemo vanished following Thanos’ snap, but hopefully, we’ll get a flashback detailing how the villainous character managed to escape prison. Given the character’s history of manipulation and disguise, we’re hoping that he wasn’t blipped and we get the opportunity to see him use his cunning to escape during the ensuing chaos.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Friday, March 19th.

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