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Chris Evans Originally Turned Down Captain America Role

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While we all know and love Chris Evans as Captain America, it seems like the film series could have been very different.

Speaking on a recent THR Awards Chatter Podcast, Evans spoke about his life before Captain America and how his struggle with anxiety and panic attacks lead to him turning down the role three times.

After originally wanting to be a Disney animator before turning to acting, Evans speaks of how his first Fantastic Four role “felt like a little bit of a corner had been turned”. It was during the second film of this series where Evans started to struggle and claimed that “what was once a hobby…all of a sudden becomes a job” and this then “manifested as anxiety and a little bit of stress”.

Whilst the actor has assured he deals with it a lot better now, he said he knew “the way I’m feeling isn’t healthy”, and so when Marvel reached out to him regarding Captain America: The First Avenger, he was hesitant to take the role. While Evans was “having little mini panic attacks” filming Puncture, Marvel had John Krasinski in their sights for Captain America instead. When this didn’t work out, it was offered to Evans, who turned down testing for the role three times before Marvel came straight out and said, in Chris’ own words, “it’s yours if you want it”.

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After some therapy and discussions with people, Evans eventually accepted the role. He cites it as the “best decision I’ve ever made”, and we’d have to agree!

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