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Captain America Actor Confirmed

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With many names being thrown around as to who will be playing Captain America, it has now been confirmed that Chris Evans has accepted the role. Of all the names that have been brought up over recent weeks and months, Evans seemed to be the fan-favorite. It was originally thought he was unlikely as he had recently signed on for 2 other projects including a movie alongside Anna Farris called What’s Your Number.

Something i find particularly curious with Evans taking the role is that the film will be set during WWII and feature the superhero team The Invaders. This team included a member called the Human Torch (Not the Fantastic four version). This is the hero that Johnny Blaze (the Fantastic Four version of the Human Torch) based his name on.

In addition to the Captain America movie, Evans contract includes up to 8 movies including The Avengers.

Filming is due to start in Europe next month and the film is due for release in July next year.

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