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Black Widow’s Box Office Potential May Have Tripled

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At first glance, Marvel Studios’ decision to further delay the release of Black Widow was only delaying the inevitable. But a recent analysis is showing that it may be the shrewdest move that the studio has done with the project.

Godzilla vs. Kong recently releases and achieved what would have been thought impossible a few months ago. In the first two weeks of its release, Godzilla vs. Kong made over $300 million worldwide. This shows the potential of releasing in both theatres and simultaneously via streaming services.

The original predictions were that the movie would make about $300 million under normal circumstances. Due to the pandemic, this figure dropped to around $45 million. With the potential from Disney+ Premier Access, this figure has now risen to an estimated $135 million. The interesting point here is that these figures are only accounting for its domestic debut. So who knows what the potential could be worldwide.

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