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Black Widow Actor Claims to Be the First Mutant in the MCU

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Black Widow actor, Olivier Richters, claims his portrayal of Ursa Major makes him the first official mutant to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Olivier Richters featured as one of the Russian prisoners locked up with David Harbour’s Red Guardian, in the recently released, Black Widow, although he’s only referred to by his first name, Ursa.

In a post to his Instagram account, Richters has now confirmed he was indeed portraying Ursa Major, a mutant member of the Winter Guard. Think of the Winter Guard as Russia’s version of the Avengers.

According to the actor, this means mutants are now part of the MCU and he is officially the first to arrive.

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It is worth noting that Richters is obviously excited to be part of the MCU, but there has been no official word from Marvel Studios to confirm this.

If we hear more in this we will of course keep you posted, and if you haven’t seen Black Widow yet, it is now showing in cinemas and also available on Disney+ premier access.

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