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Benedict Cumberbatch Praises Director Sam Raimi

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Benedict Cumberbatch is currently filming his second solo outing as the sorcerer supreme in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In a recent interview Cumberbatch had nothing but praise for the movies director, Sam Raimi.

Most people would know that questioning any Marvel stars is usually pointless due the high level of secrecy surrounding the MCU. That being said you are likely to get something out of the usually loose lipped Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo.

Speaking to Collider about his upcoming spy thriller, The Courier, interviewer Steve Weintraub asked Cumberbatch if he could talk about the Doctor Strange sequel. The reply was cheeky and blunt, “I mean, we know what a dead end it’s gonna be, but yes, of course you can waste your time asking a Marvel question.”

Benedict did open up slightly about the movie’s director Sam Raimi who will be directing his first MCU movie.

Sam, amazing. He’s so collaborative. God, he comes with the baggage of an icon. He’s an incredible force, especially in this genre. But he’s so humble, he’s so nice, he’s so appreciative, you really wanna serve him. And boy, when he’s happy, you know you’ve done something right. He’s so good at getting you there and getting it there. It’s been a very, very collaborative process, this one. Our origin stories, I guess, and obviously the beasts that were the Avengers films to be a part of were a thrill, but you’re kind of just along for the ride. You do the best with what you’ve already got given to do. The second time around, there’s a bit more of, ‘So, what do you want to do, and how do we go about solving this?’ So it feels very creative. Scarily so, sometimes.”

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While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is Raimi’s MCU debut he is no stranger to the superhero genre. In fact he directed the original Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to release March 25th, 2022 and will see WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen join the cast alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

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