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Avengers: Endgame Director Says Casting The MCU Wolverine Is Like Casting The Next Batman

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Avengers: Endgame Director and one-half of the mighty Russo brothers, Joe Russo, has described casting the MCU version of Wolverine as like casting the next Batman.

While many fans, including our own readers, have voiced there own ideas over who could play Wolverine, when and if he enters the MCU, the task feels virtually impossible after the incredible job that Hugh Jackman did.

In a recent interview with Light Camera Barstool, the director spoke out about how the task of replacing Jackman was not an easy one, but if anyone could do it, then Marvel Studios could.

To realize him on screen, it’s very hard because Hugh Jackman’s performance is definitive. It’s like Batman; you have to really think of a way to, you have to really find the right actor to come in and give a really different take to that character. But I would really love to see him on screen.

I think the best thing is to take a break, without question. You need a [palate cleanser], you need to rinse the towel a little bit, let everyone enjoy what was, and then come up with something new. But I’d love to take a crack at Wolverine at some point

How Marvel decides to proceed with the character we will have to wait and see, as there is currently no hint of everyone’s favourite X-Men joining the MCU. If in the meantime you would like to see how our poll went for our fans to decide. Then check out the results HERE.

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