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Are Agents of Atlas Coming to Disney+?

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Phase four of the MCU kicked off last month on the streaming service Disney+ with the launch of WandaVision. This month will see the service launch in Singapore with over 500 films and 15,000 episodes available. Ahead of the launch, Disney held a press junket yesterday via a video call with Marvel head, Kevin Feige.

During the call, Feige discussed some of the projects the studio has in the works and also took a few questions. One of which stirred up a little excitement. When asked if it was “high time we get a Southeast Asian Marvel superhero on Disney+“, Feige had the following to say.

I think it is. And I think you won’t have to wait there very long at all. We’ve announced a number of shows and we’ve got more in the works.

This gives us an insight into the fact that Marvel Studios has more projects lined up than they have previously announced, which isn’t a surprise. One of these projects is a southeast Asian which has people thinking of a team that was recently re-invented in the comics. The Agents of Atlas.

The 2019 book written by Greg Pak, saw Jimmy Woo (portrayed in the MCU but Randall Park) assemble a team of Asian heroes. With the recent return of Woo in WandaVision and the above comment from Feige, it appears that we may see this team sooner rather than later.

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