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Anthony Mackie Says Chadwick Boseman Wouldn’t Want Recast

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Since the passing of Chadwick Boseman last August, fans have been wondering what will happen to his character in the upcoming MCU movie, Black Panther 2. The film is set to hit theatres next Summer, but director Ryan Coogler has already commented on the difficulty of moving forward.

There have been several rumours on how the studio will move forward without Boseman. These range from the character being written out of the story and another character taking the mantle to use CGI to recreate Boseman. Kevin Feige last year confirmed that the character would not be recast but some fans still wonder if this is the right decision.

In an interview with podcaster Jamele Hill, Falcon actor Anthony Mackie was asked how he thought Boseman would react to the fate of his character and whether his role as T’Challa should be recast.

No. You can’t recast it. I mean, he did that role in a way that’ll never be done again, and I would hate for an actor to have to pick up the baton that he left behind, because, you know, there was no question he was a dynamic figure and amazing actor. And just looking at the reaction to Black Panther, there’s nobody that could bring the grace to that role that he did, so I wouldn’t want to see, you know, ‘Anthony Mackie as Black Panther’; that would be awful.

While fans opinions on whether the character should be recast are mixed, I am sure all would agree that there would be an enormous level of expectation applied to a new actor.

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We can trust that the crew at Marvel Studios will do all they can to ensure the legacy of Chadwick Boseman will continue.

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