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Another Major Star Joins Thor: Love and Thunder Cast

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Thor star Chris Hemsworth has been filming down under for his upcoming movie Love and Thunder. We have had sightings of several Hollywood A-Listers including Matt Damon but we now have news of another who may just be joining the cast.

In a recent post to his Instagram account, Chris Hemsworth has posted several images of himself and others attending a friend’s birthday celebration. In one image he and his brother Liam, accidentally photobombed a photo, walking in the background.

The 80s themed party for Aaron Grist also saw an image of Hemsworth with two others who wore black Adidas tracksuits and bowler hats. At first, the two are almost unrecognisable but upon closer inspection, we see one of these is Matt Damon. The other is none other than Idris Elba.

Elba is currently in Australia filming for George Miller’s upcoming movie, Three Thousand Years of Longing, which also feature Tilda Swinton. While this may be nothing more than Hemsworth bringing along a few friends to a party, it also ignites a hope that fans may get another glimpse of the all-seeing Heimdall in the upcoming MCU movie.

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