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Another Guardians of the Galaxy Actor Joins Thor Cast

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Filming for Marvel Studios Thor: Love and Thunder started this week in Australia and we have had many reports of cast members arriving over the last few weeks. The sets for the movie have also begun construction and the first glimpse we have is looking awesome. The latest report sees another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast, arriving in Sydney.

Off the back of Chris Pratt and Karen Gillan, the latest addition to arrive is Guardians of the Galaxy’s, writer and director, James Gunn’s brother, Sean.

Sean Gunn is instantly recognisable by MCU fans as Yondu’s loyal and hilarious second in command, Kraglin. Kraglin featured in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies but the actor was also involved in several other MCU projects, as the stand-in actor for Rocket Raccoon and was used for the characters CGI capture.

Sean Gunn in CGI capture with Drax

Gunn took to Instagram to share with fans that he was in Sydney. While his involvement is not confirmed, the fact that he is there at the same time that principal photography starts is too much of a coincidence.

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While production gets underway on the latest Taika Waititi production, we still have no synopsis on the movie not know how the Guardians will play into the storyline. One thing we do know is that this movie is lining up to be as star-studded as Avengers: Endgame.

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